General Objectives

  • To learn about, and to impact on the suppliers’ offerings in the area of security management and risk analysis.
  • To learn about other members’ security policies, organisation and management.
  • To learn about the regulations and recommendations issued by public authorities and the way other Security Officers deal with them.
  • To exchange experiences, initiatives and intentions amongst specialists.
  • To learn about new IBM announcements in the security environment.

Specific Objectives

  • Exchange Forum (experiences, initiatives and intentions)
  • Focus on Enterprise Security – cross-platform
  • Security Standards and Policies. Legal Security deployment issues, in coordination with Government Authorities of European Community, Belgium and Luxembourg.
  • Risk Management – Cost of Security Breaches and Benefits of Security Solutions.
  • Audit and Logging Management
  • ISV contacts for security implementations
  • Full deployment of a website dedicated to the objectives of the working group.

Target Membership

Security Managers; Officers in Data Processing environments; EDP Auditors