About GSE

What is GSE ?

GSE is a non-profit association of companies, organisations and individuals who are involved in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions with a link to IBM solutions.

What does GSE Aim for?

GSE aims to encourage members to exchange experience and information related to ICT, influence ICT product and service providers, and influence the European standards in Information and Communication Technology in the interest of its members.

Background of GSE

Guide Share Europe was formed in 1994 through the consolidation of G.U.I.D.E. Europe and SHARE Europe.
SHARE is the oldest computer user group and still active in the US.
In the early days of computing SHARE was founded by the aerospace industry corporate users of IBM mainframe computers in 1955.
GUIDE (Guidance of Users of Integrated Data-Processing Equipment) followed a year later.
But, its US group ceased operations and many of its activities, projects and members were taken over by SHARE.
In Europe, GUIDE Europe merged with SHARE in 1994 to form GSE (GUIDE SHARE EUROPE).

GSE is an effective forum supporting the needs of today’s ICT professional.


GSE is a European effort with 10 regions, each managed by a Regional Manager and a Technical Coordinator on a voluntary basis.
This region consists of Belgium and Luxembourg, and is refered to as GSE BeLux.


GSE is an independent organisation led by volunteers.
Active member participation is encouraged and fostered by providing numerous opportunities to share ideas and solutions with industry colleagues, both on a regional and international level.

GUIDE SHARE EUROPE holds a type-C ISO membership and is a member of the European ICT Roundtables.
This gives GSE members access to a process of Information and Communication Technology standards.