Working Group Information Key contacts Chairman

De Heer Erik OMBELETS KBC Global Services NV ICT CMF/EAI - Solution Center (MECCCM1) Egide Walschaertsstraat, 3 B-2800 MECHELEN Telephone: 015-35 28 38 IBM Liaison

Eric MICHIELS Executive IT Architect Bourgetlaan, 42 B-1130 BRUSSEL Telephone 02-655 54 71 Telefax 02-655 50 02 General Objectives :

Exchange experiences, approaches and best practices in the area of Architecture, across several disciplines such as: Information Architecture, Application Architecture, Infrastructure Architecture, Integration Architecture, Enterprise Archtecture, Systems Management, Security Architecture
Examine how to create the bridge between Enterprise Architecture and IT Architecture
Address Functional as well as Non-Functional aspects of IT solution designs
Learn about the experiences, initiatives and projects in the area of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), based on, but not limited to, IBM solutions
Discuss about how Architecture ideally makes the link between the Business Requirements and the IT Projects
Evaluate the usefulness of Architecture Frameworks, Governance, Processes and Tools
Exchange proven Reference Architectures and Design Patterns
Exchange feedbcak about Architecture Frameworks offered by the Open Group (TOGAF) and commerical suppliers
Discuss about the evolving role of the IT Architect and the IT Architect Profession
Follow-up the initiatives taken by the Open Group, such as Skills Development and Certification

Target Membership :

IT Architects, Solution Architects, Enterprise Architects, System Architects, Software IT Architects, Techncial Solution Architects, IT Specialists with a broad interest, Project Managers with a broad interest, working essentially in Belgium and Luxembourg. Meeting Schedule:

Three meetings each year.