It is our pleasure to invite you for the first GSE z/OS SYSTEMS WORKING GROUP meeting of 2019.
It will be held on Wednesday, December 18th 2019.

Office Huizingen (HQ)  
Industriezone Zenneveld  
A. Vaucampslaan 42  
1654 Huizingen  
T +32 2 801 55 55  

The schedule can be found on the schedule page.

Traffic info: On December 2, roadworks started on the Brussels' Ring Road (RO) between Huizingen and Drogenbos.
These are estimated to last up until March 2020. Please note that you might encounter some inconveniences in the wide area of Huizingen.

You can subscribe for this event via the mail send to you.
Please make sure to indicate whether you will use the bistro-dinner (lunch) yes/no. This is default set to yes.

Thank you, hope to see you there!

z/OS Workgroup GSE BeLux
Renaud Collin, Jan T., Eric Geurts